The risks when investing offshore

There is no perfect time to invest offshore, mainly because of the many factors at play. Exploring foreign investment markets can be complex and holds several risks. Some of these risks include currency volatility; a lack of liquidity in smaller markets; or the risk that despite owning many shares, investors could still be exposed to […]


Investing your money beyond your home country’s borders offers portfolio diversification and – if executed correctly – potentially higher returns than a portfolio with little offshore exposure. But investing offshore should never simply be done for the sake of it, as the potential opportunities also come with risks. he global economic growth outlook for the […]

Price patterns explained

In this edition, I want to look at a few patterns and explore what they communicate to us in terms of price action, as well as how to trade them, how to manage risk and what to expect from potential trades based on these patterns. As mentioned in my previous column (4 April edition), these […]

Scary move points to recession

it was quite a scary financial chart that spooked financial markets at the end of March – even more disconcerting than the usual charts depicting a retreating rand against the dollar or the slide in the property index on the JSE. The chart depicted the “inverted” yield of the three-month US Treasury compared to the […]

No need to fear the rand

The rand is something South Africans obsess over. Hourly news reports on TV and radio will include the exchange rate, and almost every political or economic event will also be accompanied by how the rand responded. But does it deserve this level of attention and concern?Firstly, it is important to remember that the rand is […]

Nice and easy profits

he delisting of Clover has been approved by shareholders. Brimstone is still considering its options, but I suspect it will partake. The delisting price is 2 500c and will likely happen in the last quarter of the year. Currently the share price is around 2 300c with the difference between that and the 2 500c […]

How to make the right decisions

Afriend of mine likes to tell the story of the farmer who bought a few lambs with the intention of expanding his farming activities. He fed the lambs well and placed them in a small pen. He then set up his camping chair next to the pen, so he could keep a close eye on […]

Not all listings are winners

It’s important to determine why a new listing occurs before you buy the share. Simon Brown offers some advice on how investors should approach ‘exciting’ new companies. In the 4 April issue, I wrote about the current spate of local delistings, coupled with a dearth of new listings. In this issue, I want to expand […]

Buying opportunity

Dis-Chem is South Africa’s second-biggest retail chain of pharmacies. It intends to maintain an expansion plan that will see it open more than a store a month, with the aim of ending the 2019 financial year with a minimum of 151 stores. On the charts: Dis-Chem has been teetering on its major support trendline in […]

Low risk, high returns

The Kagiso Stable Fund is exactly that: stable. The fund is best suited for investors with a low appetite for risk yet still keen for substantial and steady inflation-beating returns – which this fund manages to consistently deliver, outperforming its benchmark of consumer price index (CPI) plus 2 percentage points by 5.3 percentage points in […]

Pushing platinum

Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) CEO Chris Griffith thinks it’s entirely possible that the platinum group metal (PGM) sector can change its spots by adopting strategies to grow demand instead of increasing production.For an executive whose key competence is mining engineering, the notion of self-restraint when it comes to digging holes is remarkable. It sounds like […]

Is Seriti eyeing another deal?

Seriti Resources has a number of chunky transactions to get through. And rumour has it that it is in the running to add another one: that of South African Energy Coal. Seriti Resources is one of five companies thought to have been shortlisted by South32 in terms of its planned sale of South African Energy […]

Local tech solution for cars of all seasons

Rivo Mhlari had always dreamt of having his own business. He therefore frequently attended business seminars and surrounded himself with business leaders to identify gaps in the market. In 2013, during a seminar focusing on businesses using artificial intelligence, he realised that machine learning was the next “big thing” and started looking for a way […]


Nissan accelerated the local production of the new Navara model by announcing that it will spend $213m (about R3bn) equipping its Rosslyn plant near Pretoria to build the bakkie. Reuters reports that capacity at the plant will increase by 30 000 units in the first phase, while the permanent headcount will increase by 400, according […]


– Anglo American Platinum CEO Chris Griffith is not in favour of government’s proposed carbon tax of R120 per tonne of carbon dioxide (in its first phase). Speaking on the sidelines of an industry conference to Reuters he said the new carbon tax could possibly cost the mining house around R50m over the next two […]

When not to buy a house

Economists now know that humans are not rational agents, maximising our utility every moment of every day. We make poor decisions, often choosing the less efficient outcome – and we often do so predictably. We don’t want to give up something even though we’d be unlikely to buy it at that same price (loss aversion […]

the editor

After all, we’re now 25 years into a democracy, and if South Africans should havelearnt anythingfrom those 25 years, it should be that nothing changes quickly, he said. Therefore, we should know by now that, regardless of the outcome of the elections, wewon’t see sudden leaps in confidence (or the lack thereof) in the local […]

Best New Websites

Kuldeep Claiming to be a Skyscannerfor the home, Kuldea allows you to compare similar styles of interior furnishing from up to 68 retailers. Select the type of item you’re looking to buy and the site will scour shops for matching products, not only letting you check out the differences in price but saving you […]

Stay Safe Online

News about the latest threats and advice from security experts Hackers steal e-tickets from transport apps mobile phone apps for public transport can be manipulated tocrea te free tickets, it has emerged after an activist group hacked twoManchester-based services. The hackers were able to generate digital tickets by exploiting a security flaw in the transport […]

Fraud fearsover Chinese ‘deepfake’ app

What happened? Chinese-developed video app Zao has come under fire for stripping users of the rights to the images they upload. The ‘deep fake’ app lets people cast themselves in the role of popular film and TV characters. One video, which recently went viral, replace doctor Leonardo Di Caprio with a Chinese user in scenes […]

Apple Music launches on theweb

What happened? Forget installing bloated iTunes software or the Apple Music app – a new web interface for the streaming service means you can play your favorite tracks directly in your web browser. If you already use AppleMusic, the website will look familiar because it’s structured in a similar way to the app. The web […]

Facebook leaks phone numbers of 210 million users

What happened? Facebook has admitted to yet another privacy breach, this time leaking 419million phone numbers shared with the social network by its users. According to reports, the information was stored on a server connected to the web and not password-protected, which meant anyone who spotted the data could view it without any effort. The […]

Search for text in imagesin Google Photos Some of your photos and screenshots are likely to contain text– many of us snap-Fi passwords or recipes from books, for example– but such images are easily lost among your other pictures. With the latest update to Google Photos, help is at hand. You can search for text within your images to find the […]

Master Skype’s new messagingtools

Skype may have been overtaken as a messaging tool by Whats App, Messenger and Apple Messages, but its owner, Microsoft, is keen to boost its credentials by adding a host of handy new features. For starters, you now don’t need to worry about finishing a message you’ve started. Provided you don’t delete your text, you […]