Best New Websites

Kuldeep Claiming to be a Skyscannerfor the home, Kuldea allows you to compare similar styles of interior furnishing from up to 68 retailers. Select the type of item you’re looking to buy and the site will scour shops for matching products, not only letting you check out the differences in price but saving you […]

Stay Safe Online

News about the latest threats and advice from security experts Hackers steal e-tickets from transport apps mobile phone apps for public transport can be manipulated tocrea te free tickets, it has emerged after an activist group hacked twoManchester-based services. The hackers were able to generate digital tickets by exploiting a security flaw in the transport […]

Fraud fearsover Chinese ‘deepfake’ app

What happened? Chinese-developed video app Zao has come under fire for stripping users of the rights to the images they upload. The ‘deep fake’ app lets people cast themselves in the role of popular film and TV characters. One video, which recently went viral, replace doctor Leonardo Di Caprio with a Chinese user in scenes […]

Apple Music launches on theweb

What happened? Forget installing bloated iTunes software or the Apple Music app – a new web interface for the streaming service means you can play your favorite tracks directly in your web browser. If you already use AppleMusic, the website will look familiar because it’s structured in a similar way to the app. The web […]

Facebook leaks phone numbers of 210 million users

What happened? Facebook has admitted to yet another privacy breach, this time leaking 419million phone numbers shared with the social network by its users. According to reports, the information was stored on a server connected to the web and not password-protected, which meant anyone who spotted the data could view it without any effort. The […]

Search for text in imagesin Google Photos Some of your photos and screenshots are likely to contain text– many of us snap-Fi passwords or recipes from books, for example– but such images are easily lost among your other pictures. With the latest update to Google Photos, help is at hand. You can search for text within your images to find the […]

Master Skype’s new messagingtools

Skype may have been overtaken as a messaging tool by Whats App, Messenger and Apple Messages, but its owner, Microsoft, is keen to boost its credentials by adding a host of handy new features. For starters, you now don’t need to worry about finishing a message you’ve started. Provided you don’t delete your text, you […]